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Private Lessons

Private lessons a more personalized instructional class and are perfect for those who:

  • Want to enhance their dance skills

  • Work on things that seem to not quite work or need help progressing at their skill level

  • Start a new dance at a pace that works for you!

For Private Lessons at Lili Latin Dance Studio, click below to fill out the form:




For additional Private lessons in a different location during the day (before 5PM)  OR Acrobatic Lessons, please go through Esh Circus Arts (prices at different location will not adhere to the pricing listed for Lili Latin Dance):

Private Lesson FAQ and Offers

Things to know before booking your Private Lesson:

  • 12 hr Cancellation Policy: Unless emergent, any private lesson booked must have 12 hr notice in order to rebook another time. Failure to do so will result in the charge of half of the price of the Private Lesson.

  • Wear comfortable clothes such as what you would wear to the gym. Grip shoes (boots, heavy sneakers) are not ideal for Latin Dance. Ballroom shoes are great, but shoes that are slick, and simply socks are acceptable!

  • Come with a plan! Whether it be your goal to learn a new dance, or finesse issues you have on the dance floor, it is best to come with an idea of what you would like to work on!

  • Don't know what to work on? Try a 30 minute Private Lesson ($40) to get a general assessment and to start working on your needs!​

  • Acrobatic Couples: Please email Esh Circus Arts to book this lesson as well as the trick/stunt you would like to work on so we may prepare the safety equipment needed for you to practice safely.

  • NOTE: Private Lessons done outside of Lili Latin Dance Studio will reflect a different pricing, For more information please email


No partner required for this one as you will work with an instructor one on one. 


  • $40 for 30 mins

  • $75 for 1 hr

  • $335 for 5, 1 hr Private Lessons (Pay in full time of purchase)


Perfect for two people who want to share the experience!


  • $50 for 30 mins

  • $100 for 1 hr​

  • $450 for 5, 1 hr Lessons (Pay in full time of purchase)


Semi-Private lessons are for up to 3-6 people. For lessons for more than 6 people, please email Liliana for a quote!

*Does not apply for Acrobatic Training


Cost: $200 for 1 hr

Acrobatic Couple

This specialized instruction is perfect for those looking to learn new tricks, fix current ones, or enhance their current skillset! For this booking, please go to Esh Circus Arts Booking Form listed below, as this will provide a safe environment for this specific type of lesson!

Pricing Packages for Lili Latin Dance cannot be used at Esh Circus Arts and other studios*

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