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Studio Policies


Students who are new to any dance class listed on the schedule should sign up for Level 1. Classes above 1 will have descriptions of what is expected (or pre-requisites) in order to do the class! If you do not know your level, simply email us: with the subject line "Level Evaluation."

Attire & What to Bring

Latin dance requires a lot of turning on well kept floors! Therefore street shoes are NOT allowed! We recommend the following:

  • Shoes with suede/smooth bottoms

  • Ballroom shoes with suede/smooth bottoms

  • Dance sneakers, slippers, jazz/ballet flats

  • Visibly clean street shoes (we highly recommend shoes with NO traction!)


We also recommend wearing comfortable clothes that you can freely move around in! Gym clothes are great!


Students should bring a water bottle to class as we have a fridge that provides filtered water. Bottled water and sports drink will be available for purchase.


And don't worry, we provide cubbies for you to put your shoes/stuff in!

Class Rules

Please arrive no more than 5 minutes before the start of your class time or training time. Upon arrival, students should store their belongings in the waiting area where cubbies/benches provided.

During class:

  • Please be respectful and have phones on silent!

  • Something not going well in the Partner aspect of the dance? Raise your hand and the instructor will help! We want to minimize blaming others and create an environment where everyone is supportive and receptive to feedback! 

  • Take a break whenever you need to!

  • Please do not share any video of class instruction with outside students. These classes are for you! If you want to share a demo of the class of the instructors or of yourselves, simply ask permission first!

Classes will have limited spots available to provide a comfortable and enjoyable experience! Some things to know:

  • If a class is booked, you can be added to the waitlist and will be notified of the open spot!

  • If you know you cannot attend a class, please cancel as soon as possible!

  • Please note due to limited studio capacity and potentially full classes, Lili Latin Dance cannot guarantee that space will be available for all in-person classes. These options are offered as a courtesy, but are not a guarantee.

Lastly, all instructors at Lili Latin Dance have been trained to fully assess that all students are in the appropriate classes and levels. For safety and proper instruction, all instructors will and can provide feedback to students and have the right to remove a student from the class if the class is not appropriate for the student.


ClassPacks & Memberships

Classpacks are packages of either 8 or 16 one hour classes. These are perfect if you know you are unable to consistently attend class or prefer not to do more than 2 classes a week. These Classpacks are good for up to 3 months before they expire.

Membership is perfect for those who plan to do more than 2 classes a week! Those on the membership can also enjoy these perks!

  • Discounted Private Lessons! (Only towards Individual and Couples')

  • 50% off Monthly Workshop Entrance Fee! (This applies to workshops hosted exclusively by Lili Latin Dance)

  • Unlimited classes! Take as many classes as you like this is at your level and below!

Refunds &

Students who miss a class will always have their registered class credited back to them. If the student is unable to commit to the session, credit can be offered or a full refund can be offered. as well.  Constant requests of refunds will result in no refund/class credit. 

Exceptions are made only for cases of sudden injury or extraordinary circumstances, and only when a student contacts Lili Latin Dance promptly via email to request a refund. All exceptions are at the discretion of Lili Latin Dance management. Refunds are not given for failure to attend or sick days without notice.


Students with pre-existing injuries or limitations are encouraged to schedule a private lesson or observe a Class before registering to ensure that they will be able to participate in class. Refunds will not be granted in cases where a pre-existing injury or limitation prevents a student from participating in class.

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