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Instagram Update

Hello everyone! If you don't know, my instagram account @sillylili25 was hacked. This person was very good and somehow we both ended up loosing access to the account. Now this same hacker has made a copycat profile and trying to impersonate me.

Please know that

  1. I will never ask you to click on a link that we did not discuss about and does not have a clear preview of the link. If there is no preview it is most likely a scam.

  2. I would NEVER ask you for money!!!

  3. If I suddenly friend you on Instagram with a private account, it is absolutely NOT me. I cannot have a private account for my business!

  4. I only have partial access to my instagram account; that means I can only receive and send DMs.

It is unsure if I will get my instagram account fully, and I am weighing my options at this point whether to have it deleted and start over, especially for the safety of everyone. Please stay tuned here and my facebook page for updates. If you are unsure if you are contacting me, simply email me, facebook message me, or text.

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